Today's Hawaiian Monk Seal On Maui: June 3, 2022

Updated: Jun 15

On this day we were photographing surfers on one side of the beach for about two hours when we suddenly noticed a seal hauling out about 500' away on the other side of the beach! We, of course, went over to the seal area and reported the sighting to the official Maui hotline of 808-292-2372. We watched over the seal for about two hours, talking to many beach goers who came over to see what was on the beach. We spoke with a lot of interested tourists and locals and had the opportunity to photograph seal so we can share the beauty with everyone.

Nearly all photographs on our website and social media pages are available to purchase as First Edition Fine Art Prints here. A part of all sales goes towards helping Hawaiian monk seals.

Please report all seal sightings on Maui to 808-292-2372. Stay at least 50' away from the seal at all times and do not disturb it. They are critically endangered and come up on the beach for much needed rest. If they go back in the water early because they were disturbed, their survival is threatened. It's also a federal and Hawaii state crime to disturb a Hawaiian monk seal. We hope you enjoy these pictures.

See our Monk Seal and Hawaii Fine Art collections. A portion of all sales goes to benefit endangered Hawaiian monk seals.

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