Monk Seals Are Loving Moms Too

Aloha and hau'oli la makuahine to all the moms out there. Moms work hard to raise their children and to teach them all they need to know to make it in the world - this includes Hawaiian monk seal moms. Our monk seal friends, however, only raise their pups for about 6-8 weeks before going back to their lives. But during the first several weeks of a new monk seal's life, the mom will stay with her pup on shore and teach it everything it needs to know. This picture is of a Hawaiian monk seal mom kissing her pup on Molokai. We had the pleasure of observing this mom and pup for days as we watched the mom teach her new-born important skills. It was an amazing sight! The monk seal mom showed its love for the pup by regularly kissing it and snuggling up against it.

After the pup is six to eight weeks old the mom will

leave the pup and swim out into the ocean. Typically, the pup will remain on shore for a few days waiting for the mom to return, but once it realizes that is not happening it goes out on its own - fully equipped by mom monk seal to make it in the wild!

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