Hooked Honu On Ho'okipa

Updated: Jun 16

This honu (green sea turtle) came onshore at Ho’okipa Beach on Maui yesterday (June 14, 2022) with a fishing hook in his neck with line still attached. We left the pictures at high resolution so you can see the details.

Volunteers of the Turtle Team where already onsite watching the area where dozens, or hundreds on some days, of honu come on shore to rest and they immediately spotted the hooked honu. They assessed the situation to see if they could remove the hook themselves but decided the hook was embedded too deep for a field process, so they called the Maui Ocean Center for assistance. We were also on site observing and photographing the honu and immediately saw this injured turtle as he emerged from the ocean.

Apparently, this honu was previously spotted with the hook, however he returned to the ocean before he could be helped. But this time, everything worked out. Representatives of the Maui Ocean Center arrived, put the injured honu in a cage, and took him back to their facility for treatment!

Fishery interactions such as this are one of the leading threats to Hawaiian monk seals in the Main Hawaiian Islands (See the story of Hawaiian monk seal RL72 who was rescued on Maui with an ingested fishing hook), but the threat is not limited to seals. Honu, dolphins, whales and other marine wildlife get hooked or entangled in nets far too often. If you spot a Hawaiian monk seal, honu, whale or dolphin with a hook, entangled in a rope or net, or in distress in any way in any part of Hawaii, please call the NOAA Marine Wildlife Emergency Response Hotline at 888-256-9840.

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