Honu Doing Whatever It Takes To Get Back To The Ocean

At Maui Monk Seal part of our sales goes to help Hawaiian monk seals but we work to help all Hawaii wildlife and to share their beauty and the beauty of Maui in general. Our Hawaii Fine Art Collection includes a variety of Hawaii photography, not just monk seals.

The honu (green sea turtles) are an example of another amazing animal found in Hawaii. Visitors from all over come to see these amazing animals as they swim in the shallow waters near the beach and come on shore to rest. At 350 pounds the honu are an awesome sight to see. On some beaches, such as this popular Maui beach, a hundred or more turtles can be out at any one time.

In this video you will see a honu who wanted to get back in the ocean at all costs! It climbs over other turtles and slips and slides along until it finally reaches its destination.

Please always remember to stay at least 10' from honu and do not block them from exiting or entering the water. On some beaches there are barriers or signs requesting that people stay further away. Please respect all wildlife. Aloha.

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